Frequently asked questions

What age your products are suitable for?
UpaFamily products doesn’t actually have an age range. We do recommend to start from 12 month+  children but even as young as 9 months could start to enjoy climbing the frame. Babies younger than this could enjoy lying under the frame – why not hang some toys from the rungs and let your baby lie under it? Age really depends on the child, their ability and how you feel as a parent. As an open-ended toy different children will use it in different ways. Parents must take care of their children when using our products.
What is the weight limit of UpaFamily products?
Maximum load up to 50 kg / 110 lbs
How much does UpaTriangle weight?
It only weighs 4.5 kg / 9 lbs. Triangle disintegrates very easily into separate parts (1 triangle – 2 segments) and then easily fits even under the crib. 1 folded triangle’s dimensions: 72 x 60 x 10 cm / 28 x 24 x 5 inches. The unique design combined with choice of materials allows for a slim profile reducing the overall weight.
Is it safe?
The gaps between all the rungs are uniform (even between the top two rungs) which is an important safety feature to prevent misstep. The rung spacing has been carefully placed in order to conform to and in fact surpass stringent EU safety standards which actually only applies to frames over 60cm. This means that while little climber legs might be able to dangle between the gaps, which is perfectly safe, even a very small child’s torso will should not be able to fit between the rungs. In order to guarantee safe use of the product our climbing frame has been developed and tested in accordance with the established European safety standards (EN 71-1:2014+A1:2018 4.1; EN 71-8:2018 4.1.1; EN 71-1:2014+A1:2018 4.2; EN 71-8:2018 4.1.3; EN 71-8:2018 4.1.4; EN 71-8:2018 4.1.5; EN 71-8:2018 6.2.1, 4.4.2; EN 71-8:2018 6.3.2, 4.1.2).
Is UpaFamily products durable?

Wood endures. If looked after properly it should last for a generation or more.

What are UpaFamily products made from?
Triangle and arch sides and slide are made from certificated high quality Baltic birch plywood. Climbing rods are made from aspen. Plywood is a re-formed wood product. It’s an incredibly efficient use for fast-growing wood that is renewable and produces very little waste. The result is a product that is affordable, durable, strong and stable and most crucially not affected by the central heating in our modern homes. Using plywood in our designs gives you one of the strongest materials around. We ensure all products manufactured within our product line come from sustainably managed forests and are engineered to meet the lowest VOC compliant emission requirements. We aim to combine beauty, performance, and environmental friendliness.
Can it be used outside?
UpaFamily products has been manufactured as an indoor toy but it can be used outside with care. Just be mindful that the finish is an indoor finish and being left outside when it's raining will damage the properties of the materials.

Caring for is not only essential for improving safety but will also add years to its life for your children to play on and enjoy it as they grow. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Dry immediately. Leaving water or cleaning agent on the surface may damage the finish. Do not use abrasive cleansers.

Frame wobbles, how to fix it?

Woobling might be due to unparallel sides parts and it’s easy to solve. 

So let’s do it:

  • Lay down (segment with rods) on the floor. It will wobble up and down.

  • Release screws a bit

  • Twist the sides while they become parallel. Fasten the screws.

Also do that for other part, and make sure that it’s parallel with a ground.

Where is it made?

Designed and built in Lithuania. We’re proud that UpaFamily utilises the carpentry and design skills of local businesses and people.

What are using for surface treatment?

We use varnish natural linseed oil mixed with some hardeners. The oil is manufactured in Lichtenstein and got EN:71-3 safety for toys certificate.

Can I get replacement knobs?

If you’ve lost your locking cross knobs just get in touch and we’ll get replacement sent out for you.

Is it environmentally friendly?

Made from wood is visibly part of nature, tactile and beautiful. All the wood used is from sustainable managed forests. The stain and lacquers used to finish are non toxic, environmentally friendly and water based which allow the natural features of the wood to shine through. If looked after our products will last for generations and when its use is finally over it will soon return to the earth peacefully without any negative impact.

How to build cube form with just 6 knobs?

Cube form can be build with only 6 knobs, you can screw from both sides 3 x handles, just in opposite corners and solve this issue. You can even use them only from one side to ensure that construction is safe. If you are looking from side, then one bottom corner miss handle and other side one top corner miss handle and this is solution for temporarily cube form.

Can my kid fall throught the rungs?

The spacing between the rungs is calculated very carefully and follows all EU safety standards. The legs might be able to dangle between the gaps but kid‘s body won‘t be able to fit between the rungs.