The idea born when our older child were only 2 years old. From parents to parents, we would like to share with you products that our children have used for several years testing them for us and proving that there is nothing better than letting kids do their own thing.

 Climbing is a natural skill for babies and freedom of movement is paramount to healthy development. The UpaFamily provides a safe environment for children to practice motor skills at their own pace. As babies move through developmental milestones, they tackle challenges according to their developmental readiness. Babies from six months will use the rungs to pull up and learn how to stand. While older children will practice their stability and coordination skills as they climb, move, and balance with the UpaFamily climbing frames.

The UpaFamily climbing frames have been designed for supervised, child led learning. Letting a child explore the climbing frame in a parent’s presence is a different concept from unsupervised play. Our modifiable climbing frame is designed to encourage independent play. However, it is strongly recommended that children use all climbing frames while under the supervision of an adult.


Inspired by Dr Emmi Pikler (1902 -1984) a hungarian paediatrician. She introduced new theories of infant education that are still highly regarded in education today. Dr. Pikler emphasised the value of independent play and developing children’s spatial awareness through play. She believed that a child who is given the opportunity to move freely and without restriction, learns how to move and fall safely. This is because they have had a chance to experience their capabilities and limits.